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QUESTION How to protect a test installation via htpasswd?

for testing purposes, I copied my existing GS installation into a subdirectory of the same server.

Now I would like to protect that whole subdirectory from search engines and from curious people with a password.

I tried it with .htaccess entry and htpasswd file, but when I do so, and then try to call the adress "" in the browser, I always get a "Sorry! page does not exist any more" page - instead of a password question.

I tried this entry in the .htaccess file of the subdirectory: (at the beginning)

AuthType Basic
AuthName "Password please"
AuthUserFile "/home/user/public_html/subdirectory/pwpath/.htpasswd"
Require valid-user

and a corresponding .htpasswd file with username and encrypted password in it.

What did I do wrong?

Thank you,

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How to protect a test installation via htpasswd? - by Hypertexter - 2020-04-25, 18:55:29

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