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Internal Server error 500 when going to admin directory

This is my first post with this CMS.

I have looked for a CMS system after purchasing Perch and finding that their customer support, even via their forum, is appalling (which is a pity as their product 'seems' really nice). I then looked at Kirby but their requirements of modern browsers tells me that they go outside the HTML5 specs and I don't want that. So I looked around for others and came across GetSimple.

Problem is when I unpacked and uploaded it to my client's site it couldn't even show the install page. It came up with an internal 500 server error. You can see for yourself at this link:

What could that be? Since there is no other way of finding out what is wrong what could be the problem?

The server is a PHP/Apache server running PHP 7.2.3. I am having the techs look at installing the GD library and mod_rewrite, but according to the instructions those are not abolutely necessary.

If anyone wants to have a look at what this server has I have a test.php page here:
It provides all the info about my server.

By the way, I am trying to get a CMS to work to create the 'recent posts/popular posts' section a ways down the home page on the right. There are other things I need to do too to the site like get the menu working properly on mobile sites, etc. But for now I am trying to get a blog type CMS up and running to make that section mentioned above to work.

I have checked other threads with the search terms being Internal server errr 500 and some of them mentioned checking the error log on the server. I have done this multiple times and found no error pointing to what is going on with this CMS installation.

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