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Need help with plugins functionality - not working

Originally I posted this: 
Quote:I am posting here so that more eyeballs see this post/problem as the plugin forum is buried in the site. Here is the link:

Basically the plugin is not being picked up by the plugins tab. Need to know why.....

But it has transpired that whatever plugin I download and upload to the plugins directory it does not show up in the plugins tab.

I started a new thread for that here:

I have made sure all the file and folder permissions are correct but nothing seems to work.

I am posting this here so because it has been over two weeks since the installation of GS and I have not got it workinbg at all. I am only going to be using this CMS system as a blog which is why I tried installing GS Blog and News Manager (Updated) plugins and none of them show up in the plugins tab.

The server has PHP 7.2 and is LAMP (99.9% sure - it definitely has Apache)
I have GS 3.3.16

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Need help with plugins functionality - not working - by judgedredd - 2020-08-29, 16:16:40

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