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I18n DeepL Page Translation
Hi Felix,
no, unfortunately not.
This is because one needs a paid API account at DeepL, and I am not gonna publish my own one  Wink

But this is how it goes:

After activating, go to Plugins page and choose "Configure DeepL Translation" on the right.
Enter your DeepL Authentication key here and "Save Settings".

Then you will see all options and available languages and will be able to configure them.
In this case, only (American) English, German, French, and Chinese languages are activated.
American English is the default language, so I deleted the automatic slug.

Furthermore, a custom field "headline2" shall also be translated.
And besides the usual suspects, there are two additional tags "x" (some xml) and "dt" (a html tag) that will have contents that I do not want to have translated.
So after finishing configuration, click "Save Settings" again.

When you want to have a page translated, you open it in the Edit page and then choose "DeepL translate Page" on the right menu.
You will see the following Popup:
("Batch files and the code page problem" is the page title.)
The four languages that were activated on the settings page (English, German, French, and Chinese) are now available from the pulldown menu.
After choosing the desired language, the full slug of the new page will be displayed.
Now just click "Translate".

When the machine translation has finished, you will again come to the Edit Page, but now you see the new, freshly translated page, it is already saved.
So you can inspect it carefully and save it again.

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