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Plugins NOT showing up in plugins tab
This has been resolved by myself.

What had happened was that for some reason there was a restoration done on the site and a folder was created for this restoration with the site folder inside that. Then the server redirected all browser requests to this new folder. So I thought I was working with the original folder which was in a separate location. So anything I uploaded 'didn't work' because the folder I was working with was the wrong one.

I discovered this when I tried to figure out what was wrong with the installation by uploading the CMS to my Matrixfiles site. Everything worked with the plugins showing up in the admin area of the installation. So I deleted the cms folder from the Forensic Nurse website which is when I discovered that it was still showing up in my browser (after emptying the cache). Obviously it shouldn't have which is when I found that the restoration folder was being used as the 'live' folder. I rang up the hosting company and they corrected that and now everything works as it should.

I am a bit pissed that no-one apart from Bigin even bothered to help. I had to go to another forum entirely to get any assitance, even though I figured it out by myself. The other forum ( was more helpful.

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