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Is Get Simple really all its cracked up to be?
I have been trying to get GS working for a very specific purpose on a site I have been working on.

The site in question is already a live site and is here: .

A screenshot of the front page is attached.

Near the end of the front page (also the index page) is a 'sidebar' where 'Recent Posts/Popular Posts' are shown. At the moment this is static and not working. This section is where I want live 'Recent Post' to appear.  This is why I installed GS. To get this area working. I have installed these plugins in the hope of getting this area to work: GS Blog plugin, News Manager (Updated) plugin, the I18N, I18N Special Pages and I18N Search plugins. Yet apart from PHPcode that gets the sidebar code working (which I have not implemented yet) there is NOTHING to be able to insert a post into an already constructed news-template page (news-template.php). I was expecting something like: 
PHP Code:
<?php nm_insertpost(); ?>
Or something similar, but there is nothing like that. There doesn't seem to be ANYTHING that I can use that will do what I require. Its bloody frustrating. Or am I missing something?

I have spent many weeks trying to get something going with no luck whatsoever.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

I do NOT want to use the built-in template, but construct my own template (which I have already done) to follow the theme of the site. How can I get that template to pickup the full blog posts?

By the way, having an attachment limit is a bit ridiculous. I have had to delete all the attachments I used in my other posts.

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Is Get Simple really all its cracked up to be? - by judgedredd - 2020-09-16, 15:11:49

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