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Get simple 3.3.16 support for php 8.0
Fact is:
PHP 7.4 has its EOL 28th Nov 2022 - all older versions are no longer supplied with security updates. Every hoster who wants to be on the safe side has removed outdated PHP versions, so PHP 7.4 is just a few months away from beeing removed:

PHP 8.0 will not get active development after 26th Nov 2022 and loose its security-fixes at 26th Nov 2023

This is not a question of GS - it is a question "in-priciple" of the motor which drives GS: PHP...

Regarding GitHub it seems that I do not have the correct url for the actively developed getsimple.If I look here: all contributions have an age of years.

But it is very good work: As I think there is no known vulnerability inside GS. It is a very nice and powerful CMS!

Without using a versioning control we will loose control of complete GS.

Today I have had to add two castings to admin/upload.php because newly created folders have not allowed to upload anything:
#183 (array)$filesSorted
#271 (array)$filesSorted

This are the only two upcoming changes of my first post for migrating to PHP 8. I am running PHP 8.1 now since ~ half a year without any trouble (regarding getsimple). So getsimple is much, much nearer to work with PHP 8.x as many other projects. I was able to fix all problems by myself...

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