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Get simple 3.3.16 support for php 8.0
(2022-10-18, 21:16:09)Felix Wrote:
Quote:Page Management at the back end shows all the page titles within few seconds. Edit Page which contains more than 250 PDF pages content also open up within few seconds.

GS will stay very fast on the Front-End even with thousands of pages.
However, the GS Back-End was not made for so many pages.
The main issue is the page cache, as it is not an incremental cache,
its one large file and all pages have to be processed. Most People
are not aware of this and only find out after building so many pages.
Glad to hear that in your case the Back-End shows all the page titles
within few seconds which is still ok to work with.

Admin Page Management at
1176 total pages
Total Execution Time: 85.16788482666 Milliseconds

Admin Edit Page at
[455 PDF pages content]
Total Execution Time: 108.62278938293 Milliseconds

Time Calculation is based on the php page execution time code at the following URL:

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