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(2022-09-27, 06:11:22)sremick Wrote: Looking at that thread as a "solution" makes me uneasy... it's an organic discussion, with multiple people posting multiple files throughout the thread, with updates and later edits and then the first post updated but then subsequent posts with files from other people past that point. I don't come away with a solid set of files I'd confidently consider "a solution".

It's also unclear whether, even if one could safely untangle all the content of that thread into a final "solution", whether any of my add-ons would also need updates.

The biggest take-away from that thread is that PHP 7.4 reaches EOL this November. For godsakes, that reason alone emphasizes the need for an official PHP8-compatible update ASAP.

Yes, this should be addressed. But, for the moment this is what is available. In that post, yes, there is a discussion, and some back and forth, but it is a few programmers asking why, thats all. There are two .zip packages in the post. I have done a file compare to see what was different between them.

This post contains all fixes from the earlier one, plus a few GS bug fixes that have been overlooked. And it explains fairly clearly.

I am no longer much of a programmer these days, so I can only try to help with pointing you in that direction.

I dont believe that servers are going to start deleting  7.x anytime soon, so there is some wiggle room.

As far as plugins go, these are provided by many authors, unlike GS, so I would test and report to their thread if any problems are found.

Hope this helps.

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