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What difference between GS CMS and WP?
Quote:So, could you tell me what advantages about GS CMS? I really want to try this new CMS.

Hello Timer,

1) First of all GS is super fast compared to all the others
2) Headless with all the css frameworks and php freedom you need
3) Easy back end for both coder and end user
4) Easy portable because of xml database
5) No plugin jungle like with wordpress
6) No bloated visual page builders like with wordpress
7) Has many professional plugins e.g. the language plugin and many more
8) You need to understand some html, css, js and php
9) You can find all your answers already in the forum history

Front end
Tested up to 1000 pages with GS having very fast page load speeds.
The front end will still be very fast way above 1000 pages as well
See my 1000 pages front end test here:

Back end
My own experience is that the GS back end will slow down with 1000 pages and up.
Some users like Celextel reported that the GS back end is still working well with 1170 pages.

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