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PROBLEM Subdirectories of upload not shown in ADMIN after upgrade to 3.3.16CE2
(2023-01-16, 06:02:51)bonaventure Wrote:
(2023-01-14, 01:06:48)islander Wrote:
(2023-01-13, 23:15:55)bonaventure Wrote: After my recent update action (php8 and 3.3.16CE2 with patch) the subdirectories of /uploads/ are still accessible, but not shown in the admin frontend any more.

How to fix?
Thanks for hints...

Could you provide a bit more info?
What version of php are you using?
Also, would you mind looking at the source code for the front end, to see what the image links are?
If the links are correct, maybe a permission problem.

OK,  I found the bug. I donor you an "s" in /admin/update.php
see screenshot. 
Bug occurred in (the quick fix before 3.3.18CE patch), which I have installed.

3.3.18CE is OK. So I might consider patching again ... and see which surprises will be :-p

Glad you got that figured out. I went back and check all of my patches, and dont see that anywhere, and that file name doesnt sound familiar, so not really sure.
The two current patches along with the full pack are correct on that line, so yes, you could always apply the latest patch.

If you do find anything though, please let us know.

edit: ok, I found the post with that file, from 2021. Many additional fixes have been added since then.

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