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BUG REPORT Selection not working in mobile Editor
(2023-01-29, 04:37:28)multicolor Wrote: Try Massive Admin theme, dark admin theme or light admin theme. Makes Get Simple panel RWD

Hi, thanks for your reply! I tried your admin plug-in 'Massive Admin theme,' and it looks really very nice on mobile! However, it did not solve the problem. It's still impossible on my Android phone to select more than one word while logged in to getsimple.

Also, it created a new problem: I mostly use the phone only to voice type some quick notes in a site's 'note' page that is set as 'private', not met for the public, and therefore not in the menu. I only access it when logged in. But with your plugin activated, I can't reach it, as the admin's [ages' tab now only shows the 'normal' pages that are in my menu, and not any non menu pages.

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