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Multi user/ permissions
dominionit Wrote:Hi there.

Was thinking about this , this morning and was wondering what is the change of this being looked at ? Basically I would like to extend the multi site plugin to allow user level access to certain pages that can be added, new pages being added etc. tabs being viewed and menu items being selected.

Now I know the multi user plugin can achieve alot of this, but please help me right if I am wrong, if javascripting is enabled and a previous javascript error did not break the process. But the risk is always there that something can go bad and then the script does not execute or finish execution and the tabs are available for html clicking. I was thinking if the server side part where the tabs for example is created in include-nav.php
if a internal function similiar to createNavTab can be created with a index to give of where it must be places and then the normal createNavTab will allow entries between these constant indexes (basically first 6 is seen as system entries and rest after that is placed between 4 and 5 when created.)

when all these entries go via the same functions a global array can be filled that can alter be filtered by plugins when the final exec_action for creating the nav tabs is called. The same can be done with sidebar menu items. (helping to disable new page etc).

filter can be handled with the proposed filters added by multi site plugin to filter pages.

Can one say if I am missing something, wrong track ?
will appreciate any comments or info on the subject of the global design and system around this.



Custom Permissions is on the top of my list for my Multi User plugin.
I have a lot of work right now so I cannot give an estimate of when this will be added.
However, if you would like to make any contributions to the plugin or give me a starting point/advice for adding this functionality, It would be appreciated. You will find the plugin consists of basic coding with tons of comments.

In relation to your comment about access to blocked pages if javascript is disabled;
If a page is blocked for a particular user, css and javascript is used to hide the menu items. However, if for some reason the menu items still displayed or if a user tried to type the URL to a blocked page directly, the plugin kills the script and notifies the user they are not allowed access to that particular page.

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