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Integrating PayPal's shopping cart with GetSimple
andyash Wrote:My custom fields are not visible on the page.

Is there any method of adding more than one product before being directed to Paypal's site for checkout?

I have about 15 products across 5 categories that need to be added and I would preferably like to use one page to display all of them or give each category its own page. How do I do it?

Which version of GS are you using? I tested this on out 3.0. Make sure you have installed all the required plugins. Go to the Plugins tab and make sure that I18N Custom Fields is listed, and "activated."

Is your website currently on the internet? So that I can better understand your problem. Thanks.


Yes, the tutorial is for using PayPal's own shopping cart. The person will add items to the cart. They can add more items and/or checkout.

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