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Integrating PayPal's shopping cart with GetSimple
hameau Wrote:
jyoz22 Wrote:I have uploaded it to the orignal post here on the forum.
Thanks for that.

Does anyone have any educated thoughts on the real-world risks of using unencrypted form details for Paypal buttons? I know that Paypal advises against it (and prohibits it, if you're a big enough merchant).

I'm not sure I understand what you are asking. Everything in the tutorial conforms to PayPal's requirements. It's simply a shortcut. Instead of having to create product buttons for each item individually, you are having GS copy and paste the stuff that remains the same, and modifying the data that is not. Regardless, the output is the same from that which PayPal themselves would give you to use.

See here:

PayPal buttons (which are actually form submit buttons) post data to PayPal's encrypted website.

The tutorial I provided simply shows you how to use the Custom Fields plugin as a short code, as opposed to having to add a PayPal button individually for each item and inserting it using the "SOURCE" portion of the HTML Editor.

The cart or purchase information is all conducted on a separate window located directly on PayPal's servers. You would actually be using PayPal's own shopping cart.

All information is encrypted, and nothing actually takes place on your website directly, it takes place on PayPal's cart.

Again, everything is in fact encrypted, and meets PayPal's guidelines and criteria. You can read all the information on how to create PayPal add to cart buttons on PayPal's Developer Central here:

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