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A sugestion list
miniwark Wrote:For example News Manager RSS and Document Indexer.

Yes, document indexer is an addon for I18N Search ;-)

miniwark Wrote:I did not have seen link for the forum thread inside the admin > plugin part, only one to the author website. There is effectively one in the extend repository (on this site). I just would like to see this link also displayed in the plugin list inside the admin/plugin part. This is just a very micro request from the lazy me.

Oh, I thought you meant the plugin list in Extend.
Currently the author can only specify the home page link in the plugin, but no support thread link.

miniwark Wrote:Actually i just don't know witch page plugin/system to choice for speeding page display there is to much choice and i am lost. I do not ask 800 milliseconds for each pages, but 7 seconds is a bit to much in my mind.

I agree that 7 seconds is too much, but I fear that's the problem of shared hosting. My site sometimes has response times of 10s for the first request, but most often the following requests are <1s (site has currently 76 pages).

But if I compare the number of php files (GetSimple and plugins, >20 files) read, parsed and executed for a request with the data read (one page and the navigation cache file, maybe some plugin settings), I'm not sure any further caching would achieve anything.
I18N, I18N Search, I18N Gallery, I18N Special Pages - essential plugins for multi-language sites.

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