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Skeleton Theme
Hello everyone, not seeing any html5 responsive and mobile ready themes here I think it could be useful for someone if I release a theme that I'm using for a private project.

Skeleton Theme is my personal theme based on the Skeleton framework, this theme still maintain all the features of the Skeleton framework. That means that this theme can be used as a theme ready to use or you can use it as a framework to build new themes.

Live Demo:

If you want to know more about the framework features give a look at http://

Installation instruction:
-Put the Skeleton directory in your theme folder and that's all
-If you want to have a better comprehension of the theme upload also the data folder on your root to have some test pages ready. (Hi highly suggest it)

-There are 3 templates page, the default page is a standard page and also call a components that can contain images or a banner or what you want, and example is in my data directory in the zip.
-The page.php is a simple page with wide layout, really useful for all pages of the site.
-The blank.php is a page for who wants to use the features of the Skeleton framework and it's only for theme developers, if you don't need it you can delete the file.

-To change the default background you can change the file Skeleton/stylesheets/back.png
-To cange favicon you have to change the 4 files in the Skeleton/images folder

Additional Features:
-The theme also provide a class="ghost" to be used with any div that will hide content when the site is viewed on a mobile device, you can find an example in the components I provide in the data folder in the zip file.


Please try the theme and let me know how it works and if it's good to be placed in the Extend. Any comment is welcome.

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