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I want to become a GetSimple theme designer
Hey there,

I find GetSimpleCMS extremely attractive for some reason and plan to start using it from now on or when I start my business to be more precise. Now I have a little issue.. I'm a designer and I know nothing about coding (xhtml and basic css aside. nothing about php - which I assume is needed to integrate designs with the getsimplecms code, ye?) but I'd like to start doing some themes for GetSimple. For simple reasons..

1. I can tell there's a lack of themes here and it sorrows me to death that *some other* CMSes make a fortune while this one here is just a tiny and independent simple CMS.. I want to be a "core contributer" for once this CMS becomes dominant(2015?)

2. I plan to start(ASAP) a small web design and multimedia business and my market group would fit extremely well for GetSimpleCMS - small-to-medium uo-30 pages businesses. So i'd be using this as my only CMS and that would also include creating themes for my clients.

BUT.. now as I said I'm not very code-savvy, perhaps someone can guide me to the right direction? Let's say I have a flat out .psd design file. What's next?
I'd be glad if people would be more direct than "pick up this php book" cheers. Any help will be greatly appreciated. If the community can help me make that far then I can start giving back to the community via free themes. I hope this made sense to everybody and apologizes for any grammatical errors that might've taken place here.

/GetSimple's Wiki doesn't suffice for me. I'm reading to 1:1 but that's all php/code talk to me, nothing about the design transfer into code. I assume it starts with image slicing.


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