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I want to become a GetSimple theme designer
Connie thank you for the depthful answer, I do also believe that this might be "too complicated for my level" but I'm not afraid of challenges and I'm here to learn. I'll follow the steps you listed down and see where it'll go. Studying other themes is an actually great idea - why didn't I think of it. As for my business idea would be creating full sites for starter or small businesses, the design part but it would be integrated with a CMS so the clients could maintain it themselves. On top of that logo, banner, print design services.. I'm a Photoshop-guy but I'd like to at least learn how to integrate CMSes into designes.. Because CMS web packets vs static pages are like 3x in price difference.

m1k3y Thanks a heaps! I'll definitely watch this through and take notes.
Got to say I admire this community already.

I'll come back with some more silly questions when I'm stuck somewhere.

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