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Sidebar items always point to the page tab
(2013-01-24, 21:08:09)ale Wrote: But, hey, shouldn't automatically an entry in one of the sidebars point to the tab where it shows up?
I don't see a user case where it should not be that way...

I can try to write and propose a patch, if there is an agreement about this being a useful feature.

But how else should GetSimple determine which tab to display?
You register a sidemenu item on the settings tab - or more precisely: you register a function to call (which incidentally draws the menu item using it's parameters) on the settings tab. The link is only known as parameter to the function call.
How can GetSimple determine that the current URL should display the settings tab?
And if list_settings saves the settings with a URL parameter "save_settings"?
Or what, if the plugin just adds a menu item "Switch to pages tab" (or "Create a page that contains the current settings and open it for edit")?

If you have an idea how to make this easier, you are welcome. But I fear, it would require a major change and not a patch.
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