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Sidebar items always point to the page tab
(2013-01-25, 03:47:51)ale Wrote: in my eyes, the problem is that all the custom links go to "load.php", which defaults to "page" as the default.
in my eyes, there is no reason why the link should not go to the page having created the sidebar, in this specific case "settings.php". "settings.php", once it sees that "id" is set, should then forward the request to the concerned plugin, in the same way as load is currently doing.

implementing this should not be that disruptive...

Except that you can add additional tabs - and there won't be a file <newtabname>.php in admin.

This could also - better - be solved by just adding an additional parameter (with the tab name) to createSideMenu, which uses it to add an additional URL parameter e.g. ...&tab=settings.
load.php could then set the tab based on this parameter.

Of course your other actions like save on your plugin's settings page would also need to add this parameter to their submit URLs.
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