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Reliable CMS & Plugin Updater
One of the biggest draw backs for me about GetSimple and the only reason I keep searching for alternative flat file databases is the fact that you can't reliably update to new versions of the CMS or it's plugins through the admin area.

I specialize in designing sites that small businesses can control and manage on their own and they normally do pretty well if they don't have to leave the admin area. But start explaining ftp clients and directoreis to them and their eyes glaze over.

I've tried Extend Download and Updater and they work sometimes, but not on the most important plugins i use all the time... specifically the i18n collection.

I of course have other wishes, but, that is the only deal breaker for me right now.

P.S. I still love GetSimple for my own sites, but right now the biggest competition you have for my client sites is gpEasy, if you haven't checked it out. I'm not a big fan of inline editing in general but my clients seem to like it, and you don't have to open an ftp client and mess with directories to update the site and plugins!

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