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The Catwalk Theme
Available for download from Extend, this is a black and white theme, fully responsive for any sized screen. It will work as is for five menu items but will take subpages with the use of the child menu plugin and show them in the left sidebar menu. It is also ready for Custom Titles.

Special Instructions
Normal theme install - download, unzip, upload, activate. You will have the standard default page layout available and room for five pages in the top nav menu. For the menu Item images to work correctly your page slugs (after 'index') must include the words 'second', 'third', 'fourth' or 'fifth' to associate the menu items with one of the five images in the theme. You can use fancy custom slugs but things like 'fourth-buy-viagra-now'.

Change the menu images by changing the images in the images folder inside the stylesheets folder. They are 90 x 90. Best leave the filenames menuimg01.jpg, menuimg02.jpg etc. or things could get complicated. The header image behind the site Title is also in that folder, 120 high. There are loads of the etching type images free at these sites:

Two level navigation is supported with the use of the child-menu plugin. If you want sub-pages under a main page, activate 'child menu' and choose the submenu.php page template for the parent and the children. The left sidebar will show the Menu Text for the parent, the icon/image of the parent and the child pages listed below that. You can see it in the screenshot. Child pages are set to not show in the (main) menu and are ordered by setting their Priority in Page Options.

The second screenshot shows the display narrowed to small phone (320px) size. The menu graphics are hidden for phone viewing.

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