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Access purple theme
(2014-01-24, 15:11:12)Lockie99 Wrote: Hi, we have a website that is using the access purple theme but a modified version. The side strips (sorry I am a layman but I don't mean the side bars) are not quite the right shade of purple but we cannot find where this is controlled. Could ask our developer but to keeps costing and we are only a small business. So any help would be appreciated.

Could we just have a look at this not-so-purple website? Smile

if your developer didn't change anything in the theme you can do the following:

1. find default.css file in your theme folder

2. Find line 19 in the file:

font-family:Tahoma, Geneva, sans-serif;
font-size: 14px;

background-color:#fef; - x marks the spot.
- change this color of side strips (#fef) for whatever you want, say #5e2d79; and check out the results

3. Puple colors used in the theme are #fef or #fcf

just search and replace for whatever color you like
#fef or #fcf are shorthand for #ffeeff and #ffccff respectively

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