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GSgallery 2.0 - Simple Image Gallery Plugin (Square It)
** Updated: 3/14/2011 **

Latest Stable Version: 2.5.3

Google Code Project Page:

Please when posting a new issue here, make sure:
  • You review previous posts by others, sometimes the solutions have been posted by other users
  • The issue is not listed in the google code page
  • You put the version number of the plugin
  • You put the version number of the Get Simple CMS
Feel free to create a new issue in the google code page, but it might be a good idea to also drop a message here and link it to the actual issue. Thanks.


*Be sure once you download the plugin file to read the change log to see what has changed.

I will be creating some sort of help document as soon I have some extra time. In the mean time, let me give you a quick reference:

To install:
- Unzip and upload the content of the plugin file into the "plugins" directory inside of GetSimple.
- Once uploaded make sure that you have the correct permissions. I would set all the contents inside the plugin to 755 or higher.

To use:
- Upload some images to get simple using the file uploader tab
- then go to the Image Gallery Tab and create a new gallery.
- select the images you want to display in the gallery and put the corresponding captions
- save the gallery and once in the list view, select the "CODE" and copy it.
- now go to the page you want to see the gallery and edit it (Pages Tab)
- paste the code you copied and save the page and you should be all set up.
- go the the front end and double check everything is working as expected

2.5 Beta Features (How To)

The new display function.

squareit_gallery($gallery_id, $return);

With the new version of GSgallery 2.5 you will be able to use this display function to include galleries within your template, component, or if you are using the exec_php plugin.

  • $gallery_id => The ID of the gallery (without the squareit_gallery) so if the code is "squareit_gallery_4bdafa5d584f6" you only need "4bdafa5d584f6"
  • $return => Boolean (true/false) - This if set true, insead of the function echoing the output, it will return the output.
- Julian

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