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easy to use database user forms abstraction UI
(2016-01-13, 06:04:18)shawn_a Wrote: I was wondering if anyone knew of a nice easy to configure UI builder for database interfacing.

I basically need an almost code free way to allow some users to maintain some mysql tables through a web interface.
I use to use something a long time ago but i forget the name, im sure there are some new modern ones now.

Something for basic datatable record edit add, and maybe some abstraction stuff, toggles reports, not as important.

You might be looking for Adminer Editor.

Adminer Editor is both easy-to-use and user-friendly database data editing tool written in PHP. It is suitable for common users, as it provides high-level data manipulation.

  • Interface to select and edit data ready for your client
  • Table and column comments are displayed instead of identifiers
  • Separate set of login credentials different from the real database user and password
  • Single database per one instance of Editor
  • Links to referenced records
  • Works with the name of a referenced record, not its ID
  • Displays images stored in BLOB
  • Displays checkbox and icons for BOOL
  • Uses national format for DATE
  • Allows sending messages to e-mails found in table
  • No edit or display of SQL commands (only in HTML comment)
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