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Frixel Two
Responsive and Mobile Ready theme built on top of Bootstrap 3. Choice of full width template (Default) or template with sidebar (template-sidebar.php).

If you have any feedback, questions, or are having problems please post in our thread on the Forum and we will update it promptly.

Link to Extend:

1.0.0, 1/10/15, Initial Version

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Greetings. I was asked to implement a portal to be used during a gymnastics tournament and choosed your theme because of the simplicity. Because of the need of submenus in the Results page, I've installed i18n and changed "get_component" with "get_i18n_component" and "get_navigation" with "get_i18n_navigation" on header.php. The submenu stopped to showing up on the menu bar but its not pulling down on Results either.
Any hint would be very helpful. And thank you for sharing your theme.
Thank you for using our theme and glad you are finding it useful.
Could you provide a link to your site, or PM it to me?
Thank you,
Nice template!
My website made with GetSimple CMS is

Arte & Società

An indipendent website about Italian Contemporary Visual Arts
(2015-01-31, 16:17:06)D.O. Wrote: Nice template!


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