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SOLVED Strange Bug Causes Code Insertion
I have a very strange bug that has appeared in a site I haven't used in awhile.   This site uses the 'club' theme, which allows putting the content in 3 or more columns, and having that change responsively, by device.  It always worked fine for years.
However, now the 1st column dissapears!  When I looked at the source view in ckeditor I find the first div now has this:
        <div class="threecolumn fullwidth" rip-style-backup="" style="display: none;">
something injected the following bad code:
         rip-style-backup="" style="display: none;"
So I removed it, but it comes right back as soon as I go back to the normal working view in ckeditor.  If I directly remove the offending code from the /pages/pagename.xml file, all works fine.   But if I ever open the ckeditor again that bad text is auto-inserted!
So I made a workaround with a fake div at the top of the page:
<div name="fake" rip-style-backup="none" style="display: none;">
<div class="threecolumn fullwidth">
That works!   But obviously, I'd like to understand and get rid of whatever is auto inserting the bad code.  
As far as I can tell with monitoring, I do not have any malware nor been hacked.   I think??!.   This may have been caused by a new plugin or update?  Or ckEditor??
Any ideas?   Or ways to track this down?
I have  GetSimple CMS – Version 3.3.4.  
My plugins are GSCkeRelativeUrls, I18N Gallery, and p01-contact.  
Sounds like your browser is injecting code, malware, or your infected with a bad extension.
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- Shawn A aka Tablatronix
Well, today I moved to a new, clean server on a VPS and freshly re installed.   But, the same bug reappeared!   I changed the theme and dectivated the plugins, but this did not help, the bug re-appears.  It seems to be that CKeditor itself is causing this code injection.   However, my CKeditor is only that which came with fresh install of Getsimple version  3.3.13.    so I'm confused.  
For the moment I can use the workaround of the 'fake div', but it is disconcerting.
Have you checked with several browsers or even with a different computer?
(2017-12-03, 19:23:39)Carlos Wrote: Have you checked with several browsers or even with a different computer?

Yeah, you're right! I just checked it now in Chrome and all is fine! It seems to be a bug caused by Waterfox(a faster Firefox). Thanks!

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