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Get Simple and Xerte
I am a teacher who wants to use web pages to present topics to my students. I want the simple and cleanest CMS system because my students usually use smart phones and the limited screen size really constrains the amount you can put on a page.
I have used GetSimple for a few years now and it is amazingly simple to use and gives a consistent look to each page. The only problem I have had is navigation - I am really restricted to about 5 menu items on the heading.  I did try a second level menu a while back but that added a menu on the right - which narrows the content on a  smart phone even more. Perhaps there is a way to do it somewhere but the constraint is more the window size than GS. Usually I have this and last weeks topic on the menu, make a fairly long scrollable page for each and turn on and off pages on the menu as required. This makes a very simple page suitable for English language learners - I have also run Moodle and my students frequently get lost and confused in a maze of disappearing menus.
I have just started using Xerte ( which looks like an excellent way to extend GetSimple. Xerte creates navigable pages including some really nice templates as an iframe embedded in a GS page. I am sure others are already embedding frames but this is almost as easy to use as GetSimple itself. My five navigation buttons stay in place while the students can navigate in the frame.
Anyone else tried Xerte?

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