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Get Simple and Xerte
(2017-12-24, 01:50:13)shawn_a Wrote: never heard of it, but there are plenty of css solutions to this, although i will admit GS is severely lacking in quality responsive themes. But it is easy to adapt any free or commercial theme.

I am sure I could use a Bootstrap theme with a hamburger and get cascading menus. However the reason I find Xerte so interesting is that it gives fast creation of content and a neater way to navigate for the site I am designing.

Xerte is not a theme but is a content creation system designed specifically for education. When you install GS you have the nice stuff of consistent presentation and menus but you have blank pages. I know my html and can create tables and bullet points, images and links but this is read only for the student. Creating a marked quiz or drag and drop labels to an image is beyond my skills.

This is where Xerte comes in. Using their toolkit, standard tools like gap fills, multichoice and other interactive teaching tools can be created very quickly as a series of pages. This presentation can then be embedded into the GS framework.

My website will have a menu consisting of a home page, a blog, and two to three pages containing the Xerte generated content. Each frame has a linear navigation which steps a student through my class activities.

I am still playing but this fits in between GS and a full blown and complicated LMS like Moodle and looks very useful for an educational website.

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