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p01-vertical : a graphic minimalist theme

A theme for minimal-graphic lovers.

All details (demo, changelogs...) on the theme page.

Feel free to improve it. Wink

Download last version

[img=p01-vertical theme v1.0 screenshot][/img]
I like it, but for the sake of usability I would put a low (negative) z-index on #sitetitle to make sure it stays behind the menu. Firefox on my screen puts it over the menu blocking some text and link functionality.

Will you consider uploading it to GetSimple Extend?
“Don’t forget the important ˚ (not °) on the a,” says the Unicode lover.
Help us test a key change for the core! ¶ Problems with GetSimple? Be sure to enable debug mode!
The z-index is corrected, thanks.

I put it in GS Extend.

Edit : the name was changed to avoid legal issues.
I have updated it to 1.0 beta.

News :
  • Some fancy things in design : shadows, hover effects (links and images-links), round corners...
  • There is an administration link in the footer.
  • You can change credits from the admin panel, in the Theme tab, in Modify theme. Choose credits.html file and modify it.

Changelog :
  • Template structured in HTML5.
  • Some fancy things in CSS3 (shadows, hover effects...).
  • Readable (without fancy things) with old browsers.
  • Separate credits file.
Hi. Can't get into you .fr site to view the scrncap or the live site. Please check the links. I'll try again later. Sounds interesting (specially the CSS3 stuff). Cutting edge CMS! What fun.
Galen777 Wrote:Can't get into you .fr site to view the scrncap or the live site.
Hi, the link is good.
What is the error? The site don't load (404,405,401...) or you can't see it (white page...)?

I have updated it to 1.0, final version.

All details (demo, changelogs...) on the theme page.

I'm done, enjoy Wink

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