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How to prepare files for download
I would like to give the visitors of my homepage a couple of files (round about 100) as download (all of them are PDF).
How to do that? I tried the plugin "download manager" and it seems to work, but it ovbiosly is not under development any more.
Are there other ways? A newer plugin? And I don't mean to set a direct link to the files, which should work anyway.
Thanks for help
I developed a new plug-in "InCodDownloadManager" for the GS, it is much better than a "download manager".
Now I'm testing it on their website, have already fixed the errors, but you need to make a clean code.
Still need to prepare the documentation.
Probably within 10 days, publish on the website of the GS plugins.
I will be glad if he will help You. Are you willing to wait?
Example works my website:
It took only two years, and here I published the plugin,
InCodDownloadManager - File Download Manager

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