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PROBLEM Cannot login - redirects back to login page - no errors

I have a vanilla installation of 3.3.13 on a XAMPP localhost server (Windows 10).

Installation went fine but I cannot login to admin pages.
As soon as I submit login form it just redirects back to the login page.
Address in the address bar is: http://localhost/domain.tld/admin/index.php?redirect=pages.php?

There's no errors on Apache log, PHP log nor in GetSimple logs.

What to do? Huh
Enable debug mode and check if you get any error.
Well, seems like there's a ton of code errors.

I'm using cardinal theme and there's a few wrong paths.
But most of the errors seem to be in the files under /admin/templates.

Too much to fix so maybe I'll try some other non-db CMS.
How did you set up Cardinal as the default theme? To change that you have to be logged in the admin interface. Normally you start with default theme Innovation, which you can change in the admin interface to Cardinal.

If you post (some of) the errors, we might be able to point you in the right direction. They might all just have one specific reason that is easy to fix.
Id delete it all and redo it
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