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p01-contact : simply add contact forms in your pages
(2013-05-25, 03:09:21)TeeJay Wrote:
(2013-05-22, 09:42:31)schluters Wrote: I am not able to receive emails "GMAIL" and some of the "Hotmail".
On my website for example contact form if put "" he aparace the success message, but get no message in my email manager.
what can be?

Quote:Não estou conseguindo receber emails "GMAIL" e alguns do "Hotmail".
No meu site por exemplo no formulário de contato se coloco "" ele aparace a mensagem de sucesso, mas não recebo nenhuma mensagem no meu gerenciador de email.
o que pode ser?

I think the problem is in your antispam protection or something like that, I haven't occurred an error like this yet and I can't see a reason why these domains should not work.

(2013-05-24, 02:00:33)zintonio Wrote: I would like to include in my contact form the possibility to upload file such as .pdf .doc etc.... as attachement
How can I make?

Where can I set the email, user, pwd, pop3 and smtp....The contact form it doesn't work at all.

I added (% contact %) to the content of the page but it doesn't work.
I try to send a message putting as default email my email but I recieve:
Error : no message was sent.

From what email account this plugin works, I do not understant this plugin. Could you help me please?

I don't know much about the possibility to attach a file to p01-contact, however, with some changes in the code, it is possible. You can see here that it is on To-Do list of the author, however, there haven't been a new version for three years, he stopped the development I think.

You can't set e-mail like this - it's not an e-mail client, it's just a PHP mail sender. Only thing you have to set is your e-mail address in the plugin's settings. Go to GetSimple administration panel of your site, Plugins tab and on the right you can see p01-contact. There is the option to set up the e-mail address to which you want to send the e-mails from the p01-contact form.

If you still have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. Here is everything about the plugin but it's in English if you don't mind.

not my antispam, so I'm thinking weird, it just does not arrive in my inbox if gmail or hotmail, others eg yahoo are coming standard.

Quote:não é meu antispam, por isso estou achando estranho, ele simplesmente não chega na minha caixa de email se for gmail ou hotmail, outros por exemplo yahoo estão vindo normal.

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