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p01-contact : simply add contact forms in your pages
After some correspondence between me and P01 I was going to write a long post with my concerns, proposals, some fixes and so on.
But v 0.9 just smashed me right in da face, so I moved half of my thoughts into trash.
I haven't had much time to test v.09, but the captcha doesn't want to work. Every time I rewrite the code from img, I'm being told it's wrong :\
V 8.3 didn't want to show captcha on siblings (turning off parent/ in link solved it partially) but since I had a deadline today, I had to revert back to 8.3.

I see that you switched to object programming - for me it's bad, as I never understood object oriented programming, although I'm specialized in lisp language Wink
Structure of files in the tree has changed as well.

Quote:HTML/CSS structuration. Easily create titles, labels... See

I see that you changed the structure of html when generating forms. In 8.3 it wasn't good, but in 0.9 it's just bad.
It contains too many divs*. I'd like to at least try to prepare a simple structure based on styles, because styling forms in current mode (v9 & 8.3) makes me wanna throw my keyboard away.
But it's nice that you have put errors (required field notification) inside labels.

*maybe your main idea was to allow a little bit easier usage of jquery with the form ?

I said it earlier, but I'd like to discuss the future of P01 contact.
It's an awesome plugin, and every version brings new features. It evolves into a more advanced contact form, but still being very easy to use in its basic form.
With current features it's going to be almost perfectly suited to offer more than only creation of webcontact forms, and is close to offer something like surveys of form to mails (like sites similar to being very easy to create and manage.
And the most important: it doesn't require programming knowledge. Those who doesn't know webforms is a real pain during creation.

Having this on mind, plugin has to offer own/custom label names, to create question fields.
Hidden fields are required too, as having many forms on own site can make it hard to distinguish which form was used.
And such hidden fields would come in handy, to get something like an own comment in sent message.
I've changed couple things in v 8.3 to get exact path in sent message, as well as date format, to know which contact form has been used. But I assume you have fixed this in v9. If not, I'll try to test it as soon as

With above's quite big update, you'd have to prepare couple additional examples.

A side note: it's painful to use options such as ..., text => text field content, ... as " > " is being sometimes converted to entity, making the form to be parsed as a normal text.
I've turned off entities but I have no idea if it won't happen again.

gorans Wrote:I understand that it is a problem with the path to the captcha.
I cannot (or I don't know how) do that automatically.
(if someone know if it's possible to get the absolute url -not server path- to a specific file -not the running one-, i'm interrested!)
I had to change the links structure, and get rid of parent page to see the captcha img on nested page.
I'll have to look at it a little bit more, as I think it's just about to create a useful variable.
Or maybe just taking the uri of the page, and pass it to variable containing path.

eidt: forgot to mention 1 important thing.
Did you think about a way to send the mails through a smtp/pop3 mail account ?
phpmail will sooner or later die, as mail servers doesn't want to forward unauthenticated mails :/

and edit 2: this plug still forces the user to add page descrpition manually. Otherwise meta description contains used call structure .
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