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QUESTION Could we update the getsimple website?
Just a thought,

Wondered if as a community we could help with the updating of the website.

No offence meant to the existing designers of the site, the site is great.
Just wondered if we could help develop some new themes that may be considered for use.

Maybe we could also update the download total to provide a more accurate figure.At the minute it states "DOWNLOADED OVER 120,000 TIMES!", I. sure we have well exceeded this many times over.
are you volunteering?
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- Shawn A aka Tablatronix
I think that if this would become a community project, it would get so messy. They're doing an amazing job as is.
I have no problems with either the GS site or Extend. They both work so well for me and I'd hate to see any movement to anything less friendly. Please keep it going as it is.
No one is suggesting a total revamp, more of a touch up.

Other cms such as:

Drupal -
Joomla -
Wordpress -

and countless others regularly update their sites.

It keeps things fresh, provides an active incentive for new users to try their cms and provides a
sense of ownership and growing investment (which we already have) from existing users.
It shows that the project isn't stagnant, but evolving and growing.

The more people that discover the benefits of GS,
the more we all benefit.

Get Simple is great. Just wondered what people thought of the idea.
Inevitably we will get some who agree and some that don't.

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