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Test for component
Is there a way for testing if a component if being used?

I set a global var in functions.php to False and changed it in a component to True so some css and js is loaded. The template already seems to be compiled.

Rgds Tibbzy
That should work, the component is only evaled when something uses it
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How do you insert the component? With get_component('name'); in your template, or some other way?
I'm using the DynPages plugin
{% component param %} using it in the page itself.
Then, the component is executed in <?php get_page_content(); ?>, so if do your check before that, it will not work.

A possible way to do what you need would be a conditional that checks if the string "{% componentname " is present in global variable $content
Yes this works very well thank you. Set a flag if you need to check after <?php get_page_content(); ?> as the component code will have been evaluated. I say this because css and js are loaded at different times in the page.

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