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BUG REPORT Review: 'Social Share' Buttons Plugins ALL too buggy to use...
I tried all 3 of the GS plugins for Share buttons. All were too buggy to consider.
—Share 5+ [aka: social_share_buttons.php ]
Completely slowed down my site. Pages that load in seconds without it, took 3 to 6 MINUTES to load with it! Usefull if you want to brew some coffee while it loads, but useless on production site. Also, its digg button doesn't show up.

—Sharebar 1.2.1 failed to load or show the icon pics. Working links showed up, but all pressed together as an unreadable text line.

— GS-Socialize This oldie from ccagle works, but icons are tiny and fuzzy, very hard to see. And its links are for old, defunct sites like and stumbleupon.


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