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Dominion Blog/News system
dominionit Wrote:I still have to make a sorting system to get it to sort according to the dates.
Will have new system for that and the blogs as soon as I my head around the idea I have for a small index file inside the xml files to speed up the sorting to not waiste processor power on server.

will let you know when that is done, for now it does it as it is put in. sorry

THE date for sort the news/blogs can that be changes? Now it is the newest date shown firts (also the newest shown firtst). I would like THE sort it op date so it can also be used like à calendar? Is this possible, i see not à function in de settings page. Can this option build or can it be changed in one of THE pages...

Thanks for your respons, THE plugin is very nice
I am getting a blank blog admin screen upon installing the plugin. I am using v3.0B
mikeh Wrote:I am getting a blank blog admin screen upon installing the plugin. I am using v3.0B

Just thinking... Unable to write directory "dominion-blog" (including subdirectories and files). CHMOD 777 for them.
I am also getting blank blog admin screen. It was work great 1-2 week ago but suddenly I cant see admin side Sad

data, dominion-bog and dominion-it-shared folders are set CHMOD 777 but nothing happened, anybody help me?

This plugin looks powerful and has many options, but after installing it (0.5a to 2.03.1) looks strange at least:
  • in some older browsers (incl. FF 2.0) can't change any blog's date - always is set to today's date (GS admin compatibility requirements?)
  • I use friendly URLs, but blog entry URLs are /?dblog_id=# - will there be a feature to use blog's date and title as URL? ex. (/blog_group_id/Ruby_comes_to_town_2011_01_24)
Without these this great plugin is useless to me. Hope it will still be developed as vividly as up till now.
First i have no problems but now it gives me only the overview page and i can not click true the news item....
with version 3.0 works
Truly sorry everybody, very busy at late dont really have free time to work on this at the moment, hope that maybe in few months time I can work again


Stopped developing on GS Plugins. Anybody welcome to take the projects over. Thanks for all the support all.
Alessio_roma Wrote:i solved the problem by myself,was guilty of an old version of getsimple.
Sorry I only see your post now, not on site for long time..

glad you came right, have a good day

Stopped developing on GS Plugins. Anybody welcome to take the projects over. Thanks for all the support all.
alienee2 Wrote:Hi,

I'm trying to use this plugin, but i'm having a problem where i cannot save changes to the articles including any of the text or the title of the blog. When i hit save, i get a blank page. my GS install is in a subdirectory;

Also - the current version installs in russian for some reason...then you have to go in and change it back to english..(?)

Thanks for your help!


I have the same problem. Any change in a blog (date, content, ...) cannot be saved. I also get an empty container. I tried changing the permission of the dominion files and folders but the problem still persists.

Any ideas?
I'm also cannot save the modified news...
And maybe it will be nice to make a pretty_urls in posts?

So i wait for a new version of plugin Smile
my creative
ps. sorry for mistakes =)
After creating different test blogs I remarked, that I can edit only the newest blog. It´s because in the XML-blog-file the CDATA-signs in the older blogs were removed with every new entry, so that the contents can´t be read any more.
How can I make an block in the right or leftmenu with the last 5 blog(article)-items in a category?
I think it isn't that hard, but I would be nice to have such a thing for my website. And if that's possible, then it's also easy to give the last 5 (or 10) articles (no matter in which category) etc.

How can I create that?
Hi there,

first of all - thank you very much for this nice blog system. i like it!

but i have 2 questions ...
(we use GS 3.1 and your blog version 0.5a)

- i can't edit the blog date, after changing the attributes, and clicking the "save" button, nothing happens ... the old date never changes ?!
- is it possible to use blog dates in future? there is no "2013" in the lis?

thanks for your help.
best greetings from germany,
Getsimple 3.1, dominion blog 05.a but dominion blog admin page is pretty blank blog. There are 3 links which brings to the same blank pages. I have also set chmod 777 to plugins/dominion-blog.

This plugin is no longer developed. You can read this in the author's signature:
Quote:Stopped developing on GS Plugins. Anybody welcome to take the projects over. Thanks for all the support all.
ok, thanks.
When I installed the plugin, it creates a Dominion Blog on the pages tab... however it only has Blog, CSS, and Settings that don't link to anything. Help?
    [Image: dominion.jpg]

old version 3.0

This plugin works on old version 3.0 or older ? version.

I am not sure this is a good or bad plugin.
author of the plugin, it seems to me, have long left the forum

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