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PROBLEM Not opening pdf from file manager
Hi guys

Nearly finished migrating a site but have come up against a problem with files being viewed.

Hope you can help

I have several pdf and zip files uploaded to GS via the files tab. All uploaded well with no errors.
However when I try to click any of the uploaded files I get a file path error.

All jpg images can be viewed ok with no errors. When it comes to zip files or pdf I get the warning below:

Warning: include(/www/theme/yoursite/template.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /www/index.php on line 134

Even if you have template.php - I still receive an error saying oops file not found. Don't know why the cms is trying to access the document through template.php and not file download the way it's supposed to.

Any ideas please
Anyone available for support?
Thats odd what version?
Anything special on your host ?

Could be some mime setting or a plugin?
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- Shawn A aka Tablatronix
(2018-07-13, 08:47:25)shawn_a Wrote: Thats odd what version?
Anything special on your host ?

Could be some mime setting or a plugin?

Hi Shawn,

Using 3.3.13

Yeah I think it may be the host. I have GS set up several times on five servers and all run ok without any problems. It's just this one is set up on a dedicated host. I think it may be permissions related. A soon as I find out, I'll update the forum.

It's almost like at first the cms was looking for a template.php. Instead of opening the pdf or xls etc in the download window, the cms tried to access the page within template.php which resulted in a page not found message.
Ok ha!

Turns out that the problem was indeed the setup. Don't know what they were using but now we're using apache inside docker and the fresh install and quick test of the file upload works as expected.

I did specify apache from the start, well at least that issue is sorted

Now on to the email server issues,

Thank goodness it's Friday

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