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How to proceed when accesskey isn't preserved in translations

I'm trying to translate GetSimple to Portuguese, I know that there is a pt_BR translation in SVN, but I'm working on pt_PT, and I'm having a few doubts about accesskeys.

There are some cases where, after translating the string, the letter used for the accesskey is removed, because it doesn't exist in any of the resulting translation words. Is there a way for translations to change the accesskey?

What should a translator do when the accesskey disappears from the string?
Rejoice! For very bad things are about to happen.

I found a bit of time to look at the code, all accesskeys are hard coded into the HTML of the admin pages. I'm preparing a patch with a suggestion that would allow the accesskeys to be set by translators in the translation file.

I've create a small function that looks for an emphasized letter in a given string and returns that letter, this could be used in places where accesskeys are defined. I'll post a patch as soon as I have something more solid.
Rejoice! For very bad things are about to happen.

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