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several pages created in get simple cms
I've been creating websites in get simple for several years, and there are more and more supporters of this system among my clients. here are the results of my work for external companies, friends and my clients.

// Update//

these websites have only been transferred from wordpress to get simple due to many attacks on the previous platform.

I do not put it here to brag, just show how great the system is get simple.

I use the page to create pages:

html, jquery, css - bootstrap 4,3 and bulma


i18n gallery
i18n special pages
i18n nav
cookies plugin
i18n extra special pages
p01 contact
get simple contact
sa hook components

and modified template file for ckeditor creating a bootstrap grid for subpages

I hope that some of these websites will inspire you to take advantage of get simple cms! Soon I will be successively inserting more.
Great work!
(2019-01-11, 19:45:48)acenda Wrote: Great work!

thanks! Smile
I'm just getting started on some testing of GetSimple. A lot of great examples here to get ideas. Thanks!

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