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I just wanted to say thank you
GetSimple does what I need and it has a simple user interface. You saved me a lot of time!
Hi Fritz,

Glad you have found it and welcome to the forum. Before I always used mysql based cms systems because somehow it has the status quo. Until I realized that 99% of all my websites are in the 1 - 50 webpages range. Then reality kicked in with a xml based cms system. Until roughly 1000 pages they are many times faster compared to mysql. I was amazed how fast it also performs on shared hosting. After going through all the available cms systems out there, I ended up with getsimple-cms. It has both a xml database and a back end that makes so much more sense.
Well said, Felix. The main reason most people are using WordPress these days is the huge variety of stunning themes. I also love the backend. However, I distrust things I don't fully understand. As an amateur PHP programmer, I don't fully understand GetSimple either, but I am sure it is much more comprehensible if I ever want to take a look under the hood.

I made some client websites with WordPress. They said they wanted to blog regularly and they needed a glossary - so they needed a database too. In reality, they didn't. Sadly, most blogs die because people are losing interest and for most small businesses a basic website with five or six pages is all they need.

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