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Gallery Plugin
Hello guys!

I need help with the i18n gallerys plugin.  I added pictures and name it "hello". I used the Option "Fancybox".

Then I got the codename (% gallery name=hello %) and put it in a page.

The Pictures are there as Thumbnails, but when I click on it it leads me to the page with the ending ?pic=hello:-1.

I tried another gallery with (% gallery name=hello1 %) and put the code on another page and the thumbnail appears and if I click on it it pops up getting bigger. And the ending is: data/uploads/club/img0881.jpg. So why is it working on my second link and where is my error?

I think the problem is the direction, but how can I change this ?pic=hello:-1. in data/uploads/club/img0771.jpg

Hope anybody can help me...
First of all, you should ask this in the support forum topic (where you could possibly also have found your answer).

Did you check the troubleshooting section in the first post in that topic?
(I think it might have to do with jQuery, but I could be wrong)

Did you check documentation?
I posted this because its about the plugin. In the Support Forum they say that questions for plugins are for the plugins section Sad

First, thank you for your answer but i read everthing and it doesn‘t solve the Problem. So maybe I have to do it manually with tables.
The support topic from this plugin is here:
(it's a topic in the Plugins section)

I don't understand what's going wrong, maybe you have different settings for your second gallery? I hope somebody else can help you out.

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