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Comments without registering MS Comments v.1.0
The "MS Comments" plugin allows site users to leave comments on your materials (web pages). To get started, the user does not need to register on the site, just confirm your email address using the activation link.

[Image: ms_comments.png]

Opportunities at the moment:
  • Registration is not required, only activation by e-mail;
  • Adding comments to materials (page);
  • Add replies to comments;
  • Filter of obscene expressions (replacement of words);
  • Notifications of comments to the administrator's e-mail;
  • Notifications about the response to the user's e-mail;
  • The ability to unsubscribe from notifications to e-mail;
  • Ability to go to the comment link;
  • Informer recent comments;
  • Delete comments in the PU (for administrators);
  • Delete comments on the site (for administrators);
  • Search by comments (for administrators);
  • List of commented pages (for administrators);
  • Change the number of comment characters;
  • Work with comments without reloading pages (AJAX);
  • The ability to activate on different devices on a single link;
  • Russian and English localization.

I suggest to get acquainted with the plugin live. Including see admin panel

login: test
password: test

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