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QUESTION New file .php include into routing

Due to testing in a website build with getsimple I want to create a reachable page in production, via the web.
What I have done is create the .php file within the edit theme in cms.
This file I can load it from other files using include, but I want to reach that page only along with the default template.

Have been looking on the files from FTP, index.php, gsconfig.php..searching for controllers or routing files. At this moment I have no much clue on how to have that created .php file over the web.

Appreciate some help on this.

Thanks Blush
You want a specific theme for a specific page? Rest of site has other theme? I don't understand your question...
Go to Admin => View All Pages => Select your Page

Click on the View button

Now in the browser you will see the url for that specific Page

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