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I was just curious if anyone else has thought about using AMP on a GetSimple site. I know that AMP has been around for awhile and doesn't really promote user interactions. (EG - Comments / Posting) I thought it might be a good idea to implement AMP anyway just as a template for news, site updates, and xcetera. What are your thoughts on AMP.

I had initially thought about making a plugin but then I realized, I wouldn't need anything like that, so I decided on a Page Template. I really just want to know other people's opinions on the matter.
Hi Chien,

GS is using xml for a database and so this already makes a website load fast.
What I do to make a website load even more fast:

1) minify js and css
2) ajaxify my pages (

This makes all my websites load very fast, so I don't see the need for AMP.
Besides, with AMP only inline style sheets are allowed and this is less secure.

Can you tell us from your experience why AMP should be used ?

It's not a matter of whether ot should be used. I just was curious about the other ideas and thoughts of the community. I personally like using AMP to power specific sections of websites that I know are not really used for site engagement but more towards articles. Best practices for some may not be the best for all. Essentially it's like comparing HTML5 with xHTML strict. We all know one offers better features but the other renders the same. From personal experience I like minimalistic design and backend on favor of flare and over elaborance. It just makes management of multiple sites much easier. That's why an AMP template vs AMP plugin is better suited for me as i just want it for certain sections and not all.

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