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Free Premium Theme: PixelStudio
Gentlemen, this template works fine. When I first started it there was a problem with paths, but I fixed it. I made some minor css changes and this brilliant template looks like this -
It runs on GS 2.031. I haven't tried it on 3.0 version except on localhost and it still runs fine. Comparing with my friend Oleg's template this is ways more flexible.
Now I challenge the developers - can you make from this template a GS template (or theme)? -
Please tell me how to change the red box with PixelStudio in it. The type face is ugly and we need to put our logo or at least our page title there.. can you help? please.
check the css, you will find in style.css:

#logo {
    background: #b42924;
    font-family: "LaurenScript";

the name is defined by CSS, the font "LaurenScript", it sits in

html > body > div .top-wrapper > div .container_6 > div .grid_2

there is a manual with the theme, and on the first page, you find a list of all settings which can be done using the theme-settings-plugin which comes with Pixelstudio

see here: "sitename" and "sitename font size"
the color can be set in the CSS

did you read the manual? Really? ;=)

Das deutschsprachige GetSimple-(Unter-)Forum:
Hi Ragou,

Since we were planning on doing another FREE GetSimple template soon; we would consider doing the one from your link. Is this your design? If it's not, is a Free template? We don't want to get into any copyright issues obviously Smile

If someone else has any suggestions for our next FREE GetSimple template, please let us know!

Hi, getsimplethemes,
No, it's not my design. I have several thousands templates which I collect from everywhere. Mostly sent by friends. As I see in the page source this design belongs to someone called Arthur Gapusan. Of course I wouldn't like to involve you in copyright issues, but the main goal is not to clone this template, but the way to make an easy and simple (GS -remember) one page design ready to use. Precisely the most important difference between your theme and others is that it's not a theme at all. It's just a fully operational site.
Thanks for your input Ragou!

We will consider the theme as a basis for our next free one. I've got to be honest though, since our last free one (PixelStudio) was a one-page design, I am not sure wether or not the next one will be a one-page design as well. But then again, it might be though, we'll see!

Once again, if anyone else has suggestions for an awesome GS theme, please do tell Smile


I would like to see a template especially for photogalleries, kind of photo-portfolio, realized with JQuery

I trust your imagination and creativity ;=)

Cheers, Connie

Das deutschsprachige GetSimple-(Unter-)Forum:
Thanks for your input Connie. This is actually something we have been thinking about for quite a while now; doing a nice photo portfolio template for GetSimple. Thanks!
Is it possible to do this kind of theme getsimple?
and free (as it should be remembered that getsimple is open source and GPL)
is a good idea, right?? [Image: smiley03.jpg]
thank you and goodbye

as this is a onepage-template I see no problems to use the existing template PixelStudio and finetune it to that "Lara Croft"-outfit (I wouldn't call that elegant but tastes are different)

Cheers, Connie

Das deutschsprachige GetSimple-(Unter-)Forum:
This theme it's pretty awesome, however I haven't been able to get the contact form working, any ideas? I read that it could be because the GS files are not sitting in the root of my web server.

My hosting is with Dreamhost and they provided a one click install and I also have a few domains under my account. Please any help on how to get this issue resolved would be highly appreciated.
I can't get the contact form working either, nor the confirmation message, and yes, it's in the root directory. Does it use php_mail?
Hello all members!

or anybody

This theme is fantastic but:
What file, what settings, what script I have to edit to have more pages? Unfortunately, this whole template is only one page, one page below the other... And I have to add new pages to menu to have them visible! When not, they exist but nothing else... The same problem is with "404" page. I don't want to break this/my templateSmile

Please reply,
Thank you!

I think you don't understand how this template works

sure you will have different pages
the template integrates them all in one page, one below the other

that is the special way of this template, if it does not fit to your needs, you can't use it

Das deutschsprachige GetSimple-(Unter-)Forum:
Hi everyone, I have a problem with Pixelstudio. When active the theme with the plugin, I do not work the other plugin like google map and simple-images. In practice, if I create a new page and insert into the code for the plugin (google map) I can not see. how do I fix this problem?


New here. the problem of contact form with this them, unable to sen email, has been lodged several times earlier, but never addressed with a solution.

I installed the latest version of GSC and PS theme in a folder (not root folder), I could not manage to do two things:

1) Could not make the forms to send email.

2) Portfolio links gave errors even when I replaced the src links to the ones in local directory.

Any inputs appreciated! Thanks!

ragou Wrote:I want to apologize - the theme works perfect, but if it's installed in the root. It sends emails just as was promissed. I made little changes in the theme source, and now one can add pages (two or three, depends of the lenght of the menu text ) whitout breaking the template.
I saw the paid templates and they are great and the price too.
Thank you once again.
Best regards.

Hi Ragou,
I am having the same problem that you had with the contact form. I'm not sure how to fix it. Can you describe to me how you fixed the problem? My whole site is in the root domain. Or maybe I am misunderstanding your advice. Anyone else experience this or have any advice? Thank you!
sodapop Wrote:Hi Ragou,
I am having the same problem that you had with the contact form.

It is somehow silly to refer to a posting which was posted 19 months ago.
Did you read the thread whether the there-posted problem was solved?

I installed that theme once and the contact form DID send mails, so I think there is something incomplete in your installation:

you schould tell us if you can send mails in general, did you receive a mail notification when you installed GS?

tell us if you followed the instructions how to install and configure the theme ;=)

Das deutschsprachige GetSimple-(Unter-)Forum:
Is this compatible with 3.3.x ?
Everything seems to work except the setting page which is blank. Sad

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(2015-03-27, 03:04:02)dryland404 Wrote: Is this compatible with 3.3.x ?
Everything seems to work except the setting page which is blank. Sad

Documentation and sample data files are included with the theme.

To use this theme you must first download and activate the plugin:
GST ThemeSettings
[Image: settings.png]

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