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QUESTION How to make PWA the app from a website on the Getsimple CMS ?
Good afternoon! In recent times, a very relevant topic is PWA applications.  It is not difficult to make it from a static site. If you comply with certain conditions. For some CMS such as Wordpress, Magento, Drupal there are plugins that make from sites made on these CMS-PWA applications. Question is there a plugin for Getsimple CMS ? And how to make a site made on Getsimple CMS-PWA application ?
Create static page and use i18n custom fields with this, or getPageContent('title').
Where to place manifest and Service Worker files in the theme or in the root of the site ? In what file to register connection of the manifest and Service Worker in the template theme file ?
Please describe everything you need to do on the items in detail.
This is now relevant ! Can anyone make a plugin ?
(2019-12-13, 01:44:53)aukc Wrote: This is now relevant ! Can anyone make a plugin ?

Wait the minuteSmile You want create SPA or PWA?
Thank you for your support ! I would like the PWA !
Here's an example. In CMS Magento work is already underway here are some links :
It would be nice if it was possible on Getsiple CMS !
(2019-12-13, 04:32:59)aukc Wrote: It would be nice if it was possible on Getsiple CMS !

but is compatible with get simple. You must create own code for this. What must can do your aplication? Full screen on browser? icon like app on homescreen? What functional option want so much for this app? This app always online? Why i have so many question? Because create plugin we must know what improvement we can add for static page.
Good afternoon! Need basic PWA app features!
The site works as a PWA app.
1. Icon as an app on the home screen. 
2. Open and work in a separate interface.
3. Work without Internet.
4. Push notifications.
5. If the site has been updated, then the PWA app has also been updated.

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