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Permision problems
I am from Uruguay speak Spanish and my English is not good.
I'm new to GS, I have a problem installing it on my server, when I save a template component tells me:
You do not have permission to access / getsimple / admin / components.php on this server.

Do you have shell (or command line) access to your server? Are you installing by FTP or by logging in to the server and unzipping the files?

What permissions are /getsimple/admin and /getsimple/admin/components.php set?

/getsimple/admin should have 'drwxr-xr-x'
/getsimple/admin/components.php should have '-rw-r--r--'
the problem is that will not let me write in components.xml, is allowed 777
and the directory containing it has permission 755
My components.xml is 644, not 777.

But is not the error message telling you that you cannot access components.php? My /admin/components.php is 644, and /admin is 755.

The only other thing I can think of is that you have installed GS in /getsimple, rather than in /. Is the rest of GS working ok?
it works perfect the only thing I can do is keep the components from the administrator.
The site is
I had the permissions as you say and change to test, but still could not make it work

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